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Farewell to Michael

I’m going to post something I once wrote about MJ on here later, and maybe some other thoughts on Michael…but for now, read these words from Bill Walton. I’ve never been a huge Walton fan, and sometimes think he considers himself “holier than thou,” but this really does say part of what I feel today […]

Hard to believe…

It was 2 years ago today that my dad had his fatal surgery to remove the cancerous portion of his liver at the James Cancer Ceter of OSU. Amazing how I can still remember just about every moment of those last 11 days after the surgery. I was practically commuting from Elmore to Toledo to […]

Depression sucks!

I’ve been down for a while now. I think I’ve just convinced myself that I’m not. Seriously, it’s been years. That sucks. I have moments of fun and happiness, but the majority of the time, I’m just feeling bummed. Not looking for a pity party, just stating a fact. It’s warm in Elmore tonight. It […]

The band Elwood the band!

We just got back from our first practice w/the Genoa Legion Band! I was the only French horn (or freedom horn…lol). There were probably 30 people there including Jim Reed & Charlie Brewster from my HS band days! It looks like this wiltbe a fun group to be a part of! We’re one of only […]

Because I can!

I’m writing this post lying on my back in bed with my wireless Dell Axim. I haven’t done much of a site survey yet, but I’m betting I’ll be able to use this anywhere on our property! I love gadgets!

Tunak Tunak

I just watched the Daler Mehndi video for “Tunak Tunak” for the first time in a long time. What a fun song!! Now I will go to bed.

Oh yeah…one more thing

I’m wireless at home now!! 802.11g baby. How could I not go with the protocol named after me?!?!

Hum de dum

Lots going on…much of it private and not bloggable. (if that’s not a word…it sure should be) Work is still great. I’m putting in some overtime tomorrow. Pretty good sign that I’ll be sticking around long-term…they’ve got so much work I can’t get it done in 40, so that’s cool. The time-and-a-half is pretty nice […]

A good weekend!

Well, last night we had a very nice evening. Had a good dinner at SamB’s in BG. Then on to see Jane Monheit. She sounded so awesome!! Just a perfect voice. Wonderful control and effortless grace when she sings. The only drawback was her somewhat distracting habit of flipping her LONG hair back while she […]

Wireless PDA…Jazz…Jane…

Well, I got a CF WiFi card for my PDA and let me tell you, it is AWESOME at work!! I can synch to my workstation wirelessly so if I get an email, it alerts me right away, wherever I am! Very cool! Also you can browse the web, use MSN Messenger, and the COOLEST […]

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