Well, last night Maryellen and I got to practice the brass piece we’ll be doing in church Sunday with the choir. Unfortunately, everything I had practiced prior was wrong. LOL…The trumpet part was written in the wrong key, so I had to transpose it in order to play in the same key as the trombones, the piano and the choir. What fun!! Luckily I was able to fumble through it last night and play along some, and then when I got home, I entered the music into Finale in the RIGHT key. I also did it for the girl who’s going to play the second trumpet part. I think she was a little over her head last night when the word “Transpose” was spoken.

I think it’s going to sound really cool on Sunday though! We’re practicing again Friday and Sunday before the service.

No one is here at work today…very quiet. Should make for some good RedHat 9 installing. 🙂