Well, I saw the ending of the career of the only figure, other than my dad, that I really idolized tonight. Gotta admit, I got a little teary. I saw him in person first his rookie season at a game in the Silverdome against the Pistons…he had one of his dunks that’s in every hi-lite reel. I saw him play in Chicago, both in the old Chicago Stadium and also in the United Center. I got my photo taken with his Corvette. I’ve owned several pairs of Air Jordans. More Jordan/Nike clothes than you could imagine. It’s safe to say I wanted to “Be like Mike.”

People always asked me why I thought he was so great…what made me idolize him. It’s really simple. Michael Jordan was the best in the whole world at what he did, but that was never enough. He would still work every day to make himself better. Most people would make it to the top and be satisified with that, but not Michael Jordan. To be the best wasn’t enough…to be the best, and still continue to get better…that’s what being Michael Jordan is all about. That’s why I did and do idolize him.