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2nd Anniversary

Two years ago today, my dad died. Needless to say, this was a hard day. I woke up with memories of how I woke up 2 years ago and had to make that final drive to Columbus. How mom and I talked with the doctors and decided there was no chance of him ever getting […]


The pez dispenser sold yesterday for $117.50. For a PEZ DISPENSER!!! What’s up with that?! The Pac Man game is at $102.50 right now with 8 hours or so to go. Time to raid the closets at my mom’s house and see what else is there!!

Couple of things…

First off…the Pez dispenser is at $66 and the Pac Man game is at $91 right now. Damn. I’m just amazed!! Saw a couple of good movies recently. First was “In the Bedroom.” I thought it was absolutely wonderful! I had it figured out by the end, but I still wanted to see it play […]

More google fun!!

I just came about this kind of by accident. Again…someone hit my site from here. Server logs are so cool!! Check it out!

Now THAT’S freaking cool!!

I was looking at my server logs tonight and looking at where my hits are coming from…one jumped out at me immediately. I got hits from I think it’s safe to say now…I helped liberate Iraq!

Ebay auctions

Got some stuff up on Ebay if anyone is interested. I’m thinking Mup might be particularly interested in one of them. 😉 Vintage Betsy Ross Pez Dispenser (who knew these things were valuable?!?!) Donald Duck Nite Lite MINT Condition Coleco Pac Man TableTop Game This one is hard to give up…but when I see them […]

Famous Friends

Remember a few months ago I told you all about Moss’ website where he rates all the dishes at Henry Hunan’s?? Here…refresh your memory, I’ll wait.. Well, it seems like the entire city of San Francisco has become fascinated with our little liberal friend. 🙂 Check out this article that ran recently in the San […]

Blow baby blow!

Well, last night Maryellen and I got to practice the brass piece we’ll be doing in church Sunday with the choir. Unfortunately, everything I had practiced prior was wrong. LOL…The trumpet part was written in the wrong key, so I had to transpose it in order to play in the same key as the trombones, […]

I wanna be like Mike!!

Well, I saw the ending of the career of the only figure, other than my dad, that I really idolized tonight. Gotta admit, I got a little teary. I saw him in person first his rookie season at a game in the Silverdome against the Pistons…he had one of his dunks that’s in every hi-lite […]

20,273 in stunned silence

The Shot… I get goosebumps every single time I see or hear that. One of the defining moments in MJ’s career. And Craig Ehlo’s too for that matter. 😉

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