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It’s my birthday

I’m really not that excited about my b-day this year. Kinda forgot it even WAS until Maryellen said something when I got out of bed this AM. ::shrug:: Oh well. 33 years ago this morning I was born in Gorgas Hospital just outside the Canal Zone in Panama. Here’s what it looks like. Kinda cool! […]

BGSU Hoops

This awesome photo was from the Toledo Blade on Sunday. This is the reason I still continue to go to every game…year after year…for this, my 25th season of BG Basketball. People say I’m insane and ask me why… Moments like this one make it worth it. No question! Oh…and the kid on the shoulders […]

My mind is now sufficiently blown!

Yesterday I found out one of my new co-workers…who is a very quiet, unassuming, almost un-approchable individual…is one of the foremost authorities on 19th and early 20th century baseball! He’s published 2 books and will be on ESPN Classic tomorrow night at 8PM!! David Fleitz’s two books are both available at, Shoeless – The […]

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