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It’s like the Darwin Awards on steroids…

She was awesome!!

Went to a vocal recital of a friend at BGSU last night. She was just amazing!! Maryellen and I took another girl from our church to see/hear Leslie and another girl. They each sang about a half dozen songs. Leslie was by far the superior singer. I had heard her sing at church and was […]

Porsche Carrera GT

Maybe the most beautiful car ever…

Pontiac Commercials, Jimmy V, and feeling…

Ok…so the Pontiac commercials they’re running during the tourney give me goosebumps every freaking time. VERY good ad campaign. Fuel for the soul, indeed!! I don’t think I’d have done them any differently myself. I still haven’t seen Bryce Drew hitting the last second shot for Vanderbilt a few years back though. Is there any […]

Favorite day of the year!!

Well, this has always been my favorite day of the year…the first day of the NCAA tournament. This year is a little different. With the war starting last night it just takes some of the “fun” out of the day. I used to skip school every year, order pizza and watch the first day of […]


Sign up…play…win nothing.

An appeal…

This is what I posted on my website. I’d appreciate it if any friends/visitors to this site would consider sponsoring me. Thanks. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Some of you may have noticed the “Do Something” footer at the bottom of every page of this ( website. I’ve linked to two charities that are very dear to me. […]

March Madness!!

Well, I’ve gone ahead and set up the NCAA Tourney Tracker thingie again this year. No prizes…no bells or whistles, but it was fun last year so if you want to sign up and participate, PLEASE do!! Check it out at HERE!


Been a while since I blogged. Lots going on. Busy busy busy. I’m loving work, gave up caffeine and soda pop for Lent. The caffeine withdrawl has been really REALLY tough. I had a headache for 3 days, but I think it’s out of me now. Going to Cleveland tomorrow to follow the Falcons in […]

Birthdays suck

Blech. Gee… I’m 33 now. Whoopie. Oh well, at least it’s Friday.

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