I’ve changed the name of my blog from “Nuthin much…” to “Nasal Passage” I think the reasons are obvious, don’t you?

I took several pictures of my nose last night and will be integrating them into the site soon. Isn’t that fun!? Wow…Grant sure knows how to keep us interested!

The new job is great so far! The people I’m working with are great and it seems like a good fit. Plus, I don’t have to wear a tie!!

If anyone in the NW Ohio area likes Hungarian food, you’ve GOT to check out Zsuzska’s in Genoa. They have a website, unfortunately, it needs some work, but it WILL show you the menu and will give you directions to get you there. VERY yummy and you get SO MUCH FOOD!! Seriously, my last entree lasted me 3 meals, and for those of you who know me, that is saying a great deal about the portion!

Yesterday was Moss‘ birthday. Happy 33 Moss! I’ll be 33 on 3/6. The birthday of choice for all the cool people like Eddo, and Jeff G! Oh…and Shaquille O’Neal…but who cares about him??