Well, last night was the visitation and today was the funeral for Maryellen’s dad. The visitation last night was pretty nice. Got to see a lot of people we don’t see very often from Maryellen’s family. Lots of her cousins and aunts and uncles. Got to see Sheryl for the first time in over a year (she’s the brown haired, non-Maryellen girl in these pictures) which was really nice.

It was wonderful to see all the people who John touch and affected during his lifetime. Teachers, classmates, friends, card-playing buddies and all kinds of people showed up with stories. All of them said the same things…he was such a wonderful man. He was dealt some seemingly unfair cards in life, losing his wife at a young age, living with mental illness and being disabled, and cancer among other things…and he never complained or said why me. He was very optimistic even in the worst of situations and he would always “make lemonade out of lemons”. Just a great guy and a wonderful model for people to emulate.

The funeral today was rough…and then we hung out with Karen and John (Maryellen’s sister and her hubby) and we talked about some of the estate things. It’s been nice spending some good time with them…unfortunately it’s been under bad circumstances, but it’s been nice seeing Maryellen and Karen grow even closer though this ordeal. And they have four kids that I actually LIKE! Can you believe it?!??!?!

Needless to say we’re exhausted. Maryellen especially more-so than me, I’m sure, but I’m feeling quite whipped too. Lots of driving, standing, crying, and not much sleeping.

Tomorrow is my last day at Savvy. Unfortunately, it seems pretty anticlimactic now.

Did I mention we’re pooped?