Well, let’s see…

We were told that Maryellen’s dad has 2 – 3 weeks left “Give or take a week.” That’s obviously not good. In fact, I just talked to Mellen and she is on her way to Wauseon right now b/c the nursing home said he’s taken a turn. Part of me wants this all to be done and over with. He’s not experiencing any quality of life that’s really worth living I don’t think… But part of me doesn’t want to see him go either, ya know?

The other big news…I’ve got a new job! I start on the 19th at Glasstech, Inc. The job kind of came about out of the blue from an interview a while back. They weren’t able to hire me then because of budgetary constraints, but things changed recently and they’re able to bring me aboard.

I’ll miss the people at Savvy and many of the clients too, but the 45 minute commute and the fact that the Glasstech job will be about a 20% raise were the determining factors. Perrysburg is much easier to get to than West Toledo from Elmore.

Oh, there’s tons more to talk about…but I don’t have the time right now. I’ll try to post more soon.