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Maryellen’s dad was admitted to Fulton County Hospital today. He was having extreme pain in his abdomen and didn’t sleep at all last night. We have known he had kidney cancer for almost 2 years now and he had one kidney removed right after diagnosis, but we’ve also know that there was much lymph node […]


That’s all…

Mullets Galore!!!

Still feeling quite crapalicious, but I thought I’d go ahead and to a little self-laughing here…if you can’t laugh at yourself, then you’ve got problems. I’m in the middle here, BTW….click the photo for a full-fleged mullet fest!!


Man, I feel like crap!! We had Christmas at Maryellen’s sister’s family’s house on Sunday night. Lexi was sick and had a “non mouth covering” cough….once she coughed almost directly into my face, so I’m guessing that’s where it came from. Throat is killing me….eyes feel big and puffy and just feel like everything about […]


Had a blast tonight!!! Jason used my camera to take this picture… There are more photos at my website.

Rockin’ the house…

Well, sort of. Tonight I’m stepping back in time and playing my bass for the BG basketball game in an alumni pep band! Should be lots of fun. The whole rhythm section from when I was in school will be there, so the drummers and I will be laying it down tight!! It was so […]

Class Action

I’m pretty sure everyone who reads this site would fit into this class. Basically the “record companies” are being sued for price fixing. If you purchase a pre-recorded CD/Tape/Vinyl from a store between 1995 and 2000 you can sign up to be part of this class action. Check out the website at for more […]

Aww Dude?!?! Check this out!!!

It’s 01/02/03….dude…can you believe that?! Hahahah…isn’t that hillarious?! Wow…get it? 1-2-3? What are the chances?? Wow…I bet that won’t happen again for a while. Hmmm…who’d have thought it would happen in my lifetime?! 01/02/03….Wow. I’ll be telling my grandkids about this date!

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