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Sammy…dogs…and an anniversary

I heard a disturbing thing on the way in this AM. I was listening to “Special X” on XM channel 30 and they played Sammy Davis Jr. singing the “All in the Family” theme song. Very VERY strange!! I’m reading a great little book. If any of you are dog lovers this is a must!! […]

Dad Lee update…and ramblings

My father-in-law had an MRI on Monday that was inconclusive because he was moving and also because the doctor only ordered a scan of his lower back and pelvis (b/c it’s just a back strain….riiiiiiight). He’s been wandering around the nursing home I guess, he fell the other night. Things just aren’t good. Now the […]

One of the finest lyrics ever written…

From the Alan Parson’s Project, “Eye in the Sky” The sun in your eyes Made some of the lies Worth believing… I just absolutely love that line!!

Another Monday…

Well, another weekend has come and gone and really just FLOWN by. Saturday we went to a basketball game and then out to dinner with Ravi and Chris. It was a laugh-filled event. Anytime I get together with Chris I laugh my ass off. I think that’s all we did for 2 or 3 years […]

Ok, it’s a little chilly!!

I’m one who likes the cold…I’d much rather have it be 20 than 90 degrees, but this morning, I’ll admit, it’s just downright COLD!! The TV this morning showed the current temp being -2 and on my way in, the bank in Genoa said it was -1. My truck though, man…it sat out in it […]

All kinds of stuff…

I haven’t really felt like updating this with anything of substance lately. My father-in-law is in a nursing home and he’s doing really badly. He’s in terrible pain and can’t sleep and that’s affecting his underlying condition of schizophrenia, so it’s just a mess. 🙁 His doctor doesn’t seem to be treating him for the […]


Ok…I just got to work and it’s 60 degrees in here. We’re trying to get the furnace to run, but it only goes for a few seconds at a time. Not good. Cold….so cold….


This is one of the coolest things ever!! It’s not only a screensaver, but it makes your desktop all swirly and shit. Check it out!!

This is pretty cool…

This guy has a crawler that goes out and sees what books/music/etc people are talking about on their blogs and then lists them by popularity. Check it out!

The Essence of Destiny

I’m not sure who to attribute this to, but it appears in the current issue of Jagriti which is the “Official Publication of Hindu Temple and Heritage Hall of Toledo.” It just struck me as really cool… The Essence of Destiny Watch your thoughts, for they become your words, Watch your words, for they become […]

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