So…I’m loving this XM radio even though I don’t have the full package YET! I’m working with a guy in their NOC though to figure out why my subscription hasn’t gone active. Even with 10 channels it’s SO much better than anything on the air right now, and the quality of programming, sound, and style is amazing!

I’d definitely recommend the Delphi SkyFi package. I just went to Best Buy today and picked up the home kit for $19…yes, that’s right, it’s normally $69 but I found a discontinued $50 off coupon here!! It’s only good till the end of the year though, so if you’re going to get something, get it NOW!! Print out 3 of them, go back in three times, get the radio, the car kit and the home kit….or even the BoomBox kit which looks pretty damn sweet!! Especially if space is an issue!

This whole XM thing is amazing!! You can surf through the stations to see what song is on before you decide to change stations. You get a preview list of all stations and what is on them. The SkyFi has a great alphanumeric display that gives you all the info you’d ever want. What station you’re listening to, what your signal strength is, and the name of the song and artist that’s playing! What makes that doubly sweet is that there is a memory button that you can capture that info if you hear a song you absolutely love but know you’ll never remember it long enough to write it down, just hit the memory button and it stores up to 10 of them for you to write down later when you have the chance!!

If you’re interested in more info, check out XMFAN.COM. They’ve got a bunch of really knowledgeable people on there and lots of pics of installations so you can see how other people have integrated the radios in their rides. That’s my next project, to get it permanently mounted in my truck. I think I’m going to route the antenna cable in through the high mounted brake light on the S-10…and I’ve got the perfect place to mount the receiver too. I’ll post pictures when I’ve done it.

Oh yeah, XMFAN.COM has free stickers too!! Hard to argue with that!

I got the home kit hooked up to my Sony amp, pumping it through the sub and it sounds GREAT!! I can’t speak for the Sony XM radios or any of the other head units that come with XM capabilities built in, but the Delphi is one of the coolest little things I’ve ever seen or heard!!