Well, I’ve gotta say, this XM radio is SWEEEEEEEET!!! Only problem is, I activated it online on Christmas eve, and it STILL is only getting the 10 preview stations. Apparently their system was overwhelmed with the holiday rush and they’re running behind. That according to Xena (yes…really) on their support line. Anyhow, my mom got me the Delphi SkyFi XM radio for Christmas…it’s AWESOME!! This AM, one of my preview channels was all 90’s. Salt ‘N’ Peppa, George Michael, Mandy Moore, Janet Jackson, Afroman, Cisqo….GOOD STUFF!! And when it finally activates the whole subscription, there’s 101 stations to chose from with everything from music, to talk, to yes….the all NASCAR station! And it’s all CD quality sound. I was completely surprised by the gift, but I gotta say…it’s perfect!! I spend over 2 hours in my truck most days, it should provide TONS of listening enjoyment. Thanks mom!!!