ay-ziggy-zoomba.com is STILL down!!

This SUCKS. I need to find ANOTHER hosting company again…maybe I’m just jinxed. This is really pissing me off.

They can’t even tell me what’s wrong with the server itself. If they can’t recover my data, I’m dead. 🙁 The last backup I did was about 2 weeks ago, and the site is so dynamic there have been over 2500 posts since then.

Oh well… Feliz Navidad.


Here’s a link to my hosting company’s site with their “explanation” of what’s going on with ay-ziggy-zoomba.com. To those of you who love the site so much, if you’re checking in here, I’m truly sorry that the site isn’t available. I may end up paying a little more in the future, but I’m going to find a more reliable server after the new year.