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I just found this…

Moss sent this to me at some point some time ago. I’m not 100% sure of the circumstances behind it, but I think it’s cool to see a BG shirt on a kid walking the streets of Moscow. 🙂 I hate new year’s day.

I’m so proud to be from the Erie shore….

Um…yeah. This is about 15 minutes from me. At least this year they’re not dropping the giant sausage in Elmore again!! I don’t even understand why people celebrate New Year’s Day… I’ll take the day off though! 🙂


Just went out to the parking lot and my XM Radio has all 101 stations on it now!! WOO HOO!!! Going to be a good ride home!! It only took them 133 hours to activate my account. LOL… In all honesty, I can’t complain about the service I got. I was the only one out […]

Word of the day….

buldering \bul’der-ing\ (adjective) : hot and muggy It just sounds like the right word for that definition!

More XM info

So…I’m loving this XM radio even though I don’t have the full package YET! I’m working with a guy in their NOC though to figure out why my subscription hasn’t gone active. Even with 10 channels it’s SO much better than anything on the air right now, and the quality of programming, sound, and style […]

Radio to the power of X

Well, I’ve gotta say, this XM radio is SWEEEEEEEET!!! Only problem is, I activated it online on Christmas eve, and it STILL is only getting the 10 preview stations. Apparently their system was overwhelmed with the holiday rush and they’re running behind. That according to Xena (yes…really) on their support line. Anyhow, my mom got […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Sure wish my was up…but oh well…maybe someday it will be again. Anyone wanting to check out how absolutely BEAUTIFUL it was at my Grandma’s house today, check it out here! I got lots of fun presents!! I have to go update my wish list now…

Getting closer!!

Christmas eve… Working a half day today, then trying to hit Media Play for that last minute gift cert for a certain doctor friend. We’re supposed to get 5 – 8″ of snow tonight (which in Ohio weather caster speak means 1 – 2″), but I’m excited for a white Christmas!!! Tonight we’ll go to […]


Now even the link to the updates is dead…maybe that means progress is afoot?? It’ll be back soon….I promise, even if I have to start from scratch someplace else!

Auuuuuuuuuuuuugh is STILL down!! This SUCKS. I need to find ANOTHER hosting company again…maybe I’m just jinxed. This is really pissing me off. They can’t even tell me what’s wrong with the server itself. If they can’t recover my data, I’m dead. 🙁 The last backup I did was about 2 weeks ago, and the […]

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