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Testing a new little utility…

This is being posted from a desktop application that runs under Windows and connects to my blog called w.bloggar. It looks pretty damn slick actually, and has all kinds of nice little text editing tools!! There are several other ones out there that I’m going to try… Work today has been relatively eventful. Starting at […]


Wow!! Woke up to about 2-3″ of snow! Windy…snow is still blowing. Pretty sweet! It’s really pretty outside, it’s a wet clingy snow that’s sticking to all the trees limbs and making everything look like it’s covered in fluffy vanilla frosting!! It’s still dark out, but once the sun starts to light things up, I’m […]

I’m done being an optimist

I’m getting really SICK of getting my hopes up for something…and then having them crash down around me. It’s not good for my mental state and it’s just general bullshit. I’m beginning to see that pretty much the world sucks and thinking otherwise is fruitless.


I think I’m finally feeling a little better. I was down Sunday and Monday…and didn’t feel at all well yesterday. Some kind of stomach flu, NOT FUN! Traded emails with one of my all time favorite people yesterday. It’s always nice to hear from her when I do…which is sometimes rare. She’s an angel though. […]

Happy Birthday Dad!!

My dad would have been 59 years old today… I miss you very much dad!!

Awesome log info!!

I was looking through my server logs for this page…well, for in general, and someone got here (actually it logged 2 visits) by searching for “may i mambo dog-face to the banana patch” That’s just so freaking awesome!! “get that kid out of here, give him a special test!” “I’ll have a shoe with […]

Death becomes her.

It fascinates me how dead people can continue to enjoy fame and fortune. I’m thinking of the recent deaths of people like Kurt Kobain, Tupac, Aaliah, etc… Nirvana just released a “new” album with Kobain singing….Tupac has had numerous CD’s released since he died, Aaliah, has starred in a movie and has had a cd […]

Didn’t know the axe could fall that far…

Found out last night that April and Wyatt got their pink slips from CISP yesterday. Good to see loyalty still means something in today’s business world. Hope they both land on their feet. I’m sure they will. On a happier note: “She’s a fancy stepper when she dances Go and see her as she kippers […]

Big storms

Wow…. Big storms rolled through here!! Everyone OK?

My email is down…

I hate it when my email is down…it makes me feel so cut off from the world. It’s amazing how it’s become my primary means of communication. I’d usually much rather email than call someone. Weird… You ever just wake up in the morning and feel GOOD?? Yea…me either…but today was pretty close. I think […]

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