Well, Thanksgiving went pretty well. We had a great meal at grandma Rife’s…all the food was just awesome as it always is!! Maryellen’s dad made it down here at about 11:15 and we were eating at g-ma’s before 1. Good company, good food, not at all bad.

Maryellen had to take off pretty early though to try to get a nap in before having to go into work tonight. She never did get to sleep I don’t think. That would just suck. I’d be asleep by about 10 and all my patients would die. LOL

Tomorrow is Maryellen’s birthday. I guess she’s turning 29 again. 🙂 Unfortunately, I have to work…grrrrrrrrr…so I’ll get home about 6…she’ll be ready to zonk out since she worked all night tonight…and then her birthday will be done and over with. 🙁 That sucks.

More and more things just always seem to suck…or maybe they always have and I just haven’t noticed.

Faith Hill is on…she’s hot. I really like this “Cry” song too…I remember seeing her first video “Wild one” or something like that…it was years ago…I thought wow…this woman is as beautiful as Cindy Crawford, but actually seems talented….even if it WAS a country song.

Norah Jones is on some Elvis tribute thing coming up tonight too…so, while it sucks to be home alone, at least there’s some entertainment on TV.

I love it when stupid things pop into my head that make me smile…I just thought of the guy that lived in the basement in Real Genius…and couldn’t remember his name…but then it popped. Lazlo!! Great movie!