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The Friday after Thanksgiving

Man it sucks having to work today…especially since it’s Maryellen’s birthday. I really don’t know why we’re here today. I was kind of busy this AM, but since noon, it’s been a struggle to keep my eyelids open. One great benefit of being one of the few working today, the commute in was a breeze. […]

Monty Python and Legos….a Winning Combination!!

Check out the Lego animated version of the “Knights of the Roundtable” song from Monty Python and the Holy Grail!

What is sexy??

In my mind…THIS is sexy!!

Moss’ restaurant thingie….

Here’s Moss’ webpage for the Henry Hunan restaurant thingie I mentioned earlier. It’s quite fun.

I can’t tell if this is cool or not…

Ambient Orb

Giving Thanks

Well, Thanksgiving went pretty well. We had a great meal at grandma Rife’s…all the food was just awesome as it always is!! Maryellen’s dad made it down here at about 11:15 and we were eating at g-ma’s before 1. Good company, good food, not at all bad. Maryellen had to take off pretty early though […]

The Onion made me laugh out loud today….

The Onion offers up some dental hygene tips.


Man, some days just take FOREVER. Probably because it’s the last day before Thanksgiving, but I don’t know how many times I’ve looked at the clock and have been expecting one time, only to find that it’s still an hour away. Not sure what Thanksgiving will be like. Maryellen’s dad is coming down and the […]

The hottest mix…

GOD I love Wolf FM!!

Me and Mellen

We’re sitting here on the couch and Maryellen is watching me type this. She’s not “blogged” before, so this is her maiden voyage. 🙂 This little utility is called w.bloggar and she thought it was called “booger.” Hehehehehe… The weekend is over, that sucks. I made chili this weekend though, which is awesome. I’m burping […]

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