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Kinda funny

Yesterday I mentioned Barefoot Hosting…today I work for them! 😉 I’m doing support for them and some sys-admin tasks because they’re really cool!! If anyone needs great hosting at a really good price, let me know!

Pockmarked with divots…

I just like that phrase. Someone on the radio used it to describe U of M’s football field after a recent game and I thought it sounded cool.

Good hosting company!

I’m going with for the new location for I’ve got to say, if you want good service, check them out. They’ve been nothing but awesome as far as helping me out, giving me shell access if I need it, you get 500MB space, php, mysql database, email, webmail, you name it for $9.95/month. […]

What people are looking for…

I found this humorous. This is a list of the search strings that are bringing people to according to my stats: # Num Percent String 1 9 11.39% 1967 caprice 2 9 11.39% 1971 chevelle 3 3 3.80% pontiac grand le mans 4 3 3.80% sam featherstone 5 2 2.53% 1967_chevrolet_caprice 6 2 2.53% […] DOWN

Just in case anyone comes here looking for info, the site is down currently due to my old host being down. This is all the more reason for me to get off my butt and get everything migrated to the new host. I just didn’t want the downtime during an exciting football season. Hopefully everything […]


Just upgraded the blogging engine to MT 2.5 Testing to make sure all went well.

Frost on the pumpkin

I had to scrape my windows this AM. My truck will hit 150,000 miles this week. That’s all.

Amelie and sneakers squeking

Saw Amelie today. One of the few foreign films I’ve made it all the way through despite the subtitles. It was really cute. It’s funny, because the premise is something I’ve been living for oh…at least 15 years now. Do little things to make others feel good. I’ve been a fan of leaving my spare […]

Longest Week EVER

My GOD this week seemed to take forever!! It’s Friday 4:30…feels like it should be next Wednesday at 2:15 AM, or maybe two weeks from yesterday in the late morning, or perhaps it feels like early summer 2004…whatever the case, it doesn’t feel like it’s Friday at 4. I’m envious of the teachers today…around here […]

Grandma & Beer

Well, it took her 86 years, but yesterday my Grandma Rife had her first taste of beer!! The really cool thing about it was it was some beer I brewed!! Happy birthday Grandma!! Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday too. She’ll be turning 60. This doesn’t bother her at all, but it makes me feel […]

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