I got back in touch with someone I had not heard from/of in a while. She’s the ex wife of a friend of mine and in all honesty, didn’t know if it would be appropriate to say hi to her. Kinda a weird situation when the only real way you know someone is through the marriage of a friend. Then if that marriage ends…what do you do? I went ahead and shot her an email though and it’s really nice to be back in touch! Definately made my day chit chatting with her today. And I can’t WAIT to have some of her Indian cooking!! 😉

I also had a rather deep email exchange with another long time friend who’s going through some rough times. I’ve been there…I think most of us have been there, but when we ARE there, it’s hard to believe others have experienced the same things. I think I connected with her though…hope I did at least and maybe she can start perking her self up a bit.

NBA season started tonight. This is my favorite time of the year. Football is going good (and BG is good!!!) and basketball is starting. It’s getting cold out…I LOVE cold!! It’s just good!

Oh yea…Halloween is coming. I get to be home by myself that night. Hmmmmmm…will the light on the Cummings’ porch be on!? I don’t think so! NO!