Well that week is behind us. It was ok…but really busy. I had a “meeting” on Thurday that went pretty well. It will be interesting to see what comes of that. More info to follow on that.

Yesterday I got a trial by fire in Novell…our novell server at work lost one of it’s hard drives. What a peice of crap. 4 scsi drives in an OLD pentium 233 MMX “server” running dos 5 and Novell Netware 3.12. The drive that died, we replaced and then had to re-install novell on and the restore it from backup. What a joy that was. Oh…and once we finally found a drive that would work in the box, the power supply gave up the ghost…right on cue. SO…I had to go all over Toledo to find a 300W AT powersupply. Not ATX mind you. I finally found one that would work, BUT it didn’t fit in the case at all, so….Mike and I found another solution for securing the power supply. DUCT TAPE!!! I kid you not. I’ll take my camera in tomorrow and get a picture of it. What a joke.

Going to the BG football game with mom today. It’ll be her first game since dad died. Going to tailgate a little bit first with the folks from AZZ.com.

Tomorrow there’s a basketball scrimmage!! Yea…it’s getting to be that season. My favorite time of the year. Basketball season!!