Weekend was good, but not very relaxing. Saturday AM I had errands to run. Saturday afternoon we went to the BG football game which
was awesome…BG won in overtime. Then we went straight from there to Dorie’s place for her bonfire until about 1 AM. Sunday I had to
usher at church and get everything set up for our first PowerPoint
presentation. (I’m the “technology coordinator” for my church now…) That
went great!! Everyone just loved it. It was a day for children (my favorite you all know). the PP presentation was just some animated photos of kids from the
congregation and some photos of adults from when they were kids. Our pastor
wrote a song and performed it along with the slide show. Really cool!! Pr.
Chow rules!

THEN after church I went home, got Maryellen (who couldn’t get up for church
😉 and we went BACK to Woodville to get mom and then on to Toledo to have
lunch with my dad’s best friend Ed. It was nice catching up with him and
his family. A little emotionally draining, but it was good overall.

THEN we came home and crashed on the couch for the rest of Sunday night.

I’ll add more later…