Wow…another week from Hell, they just seem to get longer and longer and longer. I finally got to go on site today though. Got to go to one of my favorite clients’ too. Munro in Waterville, they make dragons. 🙂

This weekend will be pretty busy. Tomorrow I’m cooking!! Gonna make chili and some bread, then Mellen and I are going to the BG football game and then possibly to a bonfire at Dorie’s place!! Sunday I have to get everything set up for a PowerPoint presentation at church.

So now people are saying the “Sniper” is Al Qaida….who cares what he is really? Just catch the MoFo! 9 murders in 11 days = 9/11 yeah whatever. Conspiracy theorists make me laugh. He may be Al Qaida, but I doubt the 9/11 thing was his intention.

Yesterday I became CISP free! (well, except for those 12,500 stock options 😉 The Cobalt server that I knew and loved so well had been up and down quite a bit for like 72 hours and that just wasn’t cutting it for my BG site. So…luckily I’d been backing the site up via a CRON job every night and just untarred that puppy and put it up on the new host.

I expected it to be much more difficult than it was, but I was able to modify the perl scripts and permissions and get everything running in just under 15 minutes once it was uploaded. I switched DNS over and was good to go!!

Pretty cool, I know I’ve mentioned this before, but running the only fan site for a top 25 football team is just cool!! I’ve been contacted and have logged hits from all over recently and imagine with a win this weekend it will just continue to build. Had a guy from the site contact me and ask me if he could kick in some $$ to help defray costs. I told him to give some to charity (MS or Jimmy V Foundations) or to get me something off my Amazon wish list. People don’t get it when you tell them you’re not in it for the money. ::shrug:: I could probably make some cash from the site if I wanted, with the kid of hits I’m logging now, but that’s not why I’m doing it. It’s for the love of the game man!! Falcon love! Have you got the love?? LOL

Tuel is probably the only one who could come close to remembering this…but I’m trying to find the entire dialogue from an old Reebok commercial from the 80’s. It’s a bunch of guys playing street ball and they’re talking about this legendary playground guy named “Lamar Mundane” I’ve scoured the Internet and haven’t been able to find anything but veiled references to the commercial and the legend. I’ve contacted Reebok and they’ve been no help. I’ve looked through the video tapes of games I recorded back in the 80’s and came up dry.

“When you talk about playground legends, you gotta bring up a guy named Lamar Mundane” DAMN I need to know the rest of it. I know bits and pieces, but that’s not good enough.