Saw Amelie today. One of the few foreign films I’ve made it all the way through despite the subtitles. It was really cute. It’s funny, because the premise is something I’ve been living for oh…at least 15 years now. Do little things to make others feel good.

I’ve been a fan of leaving my spare change where I figure someone will find it and it will bring a smile to their face for a while. I also never take the best parking spot available because I know how tickled some people are when they do find that “perfect spot.” Heck…there’s a Seinfeld episode on just that subject.

Yesterday was fun…went to Oak Harbor to the Apple Festival. That actually was NOT fun, but afterwards we took my mom to Zsuszka’s restaurant in Genoa. It was AWESOME!! I never would have guessed that such amazing food could be had in Genoa! I got stuffed cabbage and dumplings and mom and Maryellen both got chicken paprikash. Crepe’s for desert topped off an awesome meal!

I went to the first BG basketball practice yesterday too. Brought back lots of memories. Dad would always go to the first practice, so I’m carrying on his tradition. Plus I used to use Anderson Arena as my own personal study hall in college. It was convenient because it was right next to the library, so I could get the materials I needed and then just stroll over to Anderson. I’d always sit up in press row where there were chairs and a desk type thing. There’s something about that old building that is just intoxicating to me. Especially on a day like yesterday…no one in there but the team, the coaches and 2 or 3 people in the stands. Coach Dakich runs a closed practice, so people can’t just come and watch, but he’s always said I’m welcome…so I take him up on it! The sound of the balls bouncing and sneakers squeaking in a big, empty gym has always been one of my favorite things. Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens can go to hell!!

Got up at 4 this AM…couldn’t sleep so I came downstairs and didn’t sleep. LOL…I’m sleepy today but I didn’t nap at all.

The new choir director at my church sang solo today….wow. She just floored me! Lelsie sang Ave Maria and honestly brough goosebumps to my flesh! I’ve always been a sucker for a beautiful female voice…she definately has one. She’s a music major at BG and she sings JAZZ!! I’ve GOT to hear that!