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Halloween in Elmore.

I have never seen a town, no matter the size, get more into Halloween than little old Elmore, Ohio. I’m serious. It started last night with the Halloween parade, yes…that’s right…a parade through town a few nights BEFORE Halloween. There is the business trick or treating tomorrow afternoon and then it really comes to a […]

Reunited and it feels so good…

I got back in touch with someone I had not heard from/of in a while. She’s the ex wife of a friend of mine and in all honesty, didn’t know if it would be appropriate to say hi to her. Kinda a weird situation when the only real way you know someone is through the […]

Why I still love sports…

…because it’s the only place things like this following story can happen. Most of you that visit this site (both of you?) got this link in an email from me this AM, but I think it bears posting here too. It’s such a great story!! I actually came across it looking for articles on […]

That Novell Server…

Ok…here’s the novell server I was talking about over the weekend. Nice!! And just for fun….here’s my view while driving home today:


It’s a lazy Sunday morning and Footloose is on TBS! WOO HOO!!!

Crazy week

Well that week is behind us. It was ok…but really busy. I had a “meeting” on Thurday that went pretty well. It will be interesting to see what comes of that. More info to follow on that. Yesterday I got a trial by fire in Novell…our novell server at work lost one of it’s hard […]


Michael Jordan played last night. 🙂 Hard to beleive he’ll be 40 in February… I have a headache. I think Kris Tuel would be perfect for a writing job like she’s considering!

150,000 Miles!!!

WOO HOO!!! This morning, on my commute in to work, my truck…my trusty, faithful 1994 Chevy S-10, rolled over 150,000 Miles!! I never thought it would make it that far. Now my goal is 200,000! The amazing thing is I’m still on my original clutch!! It’s had a new starter coil, a couple of exhaust […]

Monday already!??!?!

Weekend was good, but not very relaxing. Saturday AM I had errands to run. Saturday afternoon we went to the BG football game which was awesome…BG won in overtime. Then we went straight from there to Dorie’s place for her bonfire until about 1 AM. Sunday I had to usher at church and get everything […]

Finally Friday

Wow…another week from Hell, they just seem to get longer and longer and longer. I finally got to go on site today though. Got to go to one of my favorite clients’ too. Munro in Waterville, they make dragons. 🙂 This weekend will be pretty busy. Tomorrow I’m cooking!! Gonna make chili and some bread, […]

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