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I have this HUGE zit on the left side of my nose that is visible to me wherever I look (if my left eye is open). It’s SO annoying. I tried to pop it this AM and it bled so there’s a little dark scab on it that makes it even MORE visible. Wonderful….simply wonderful. […]


Man, I haven’t been this sick for this long in a LONG time. I’m tired of it. I did get out of the house yesterday though. We went to the Black Swamp Arts Festival which we do every year for our wedding anniversary. Mom went with us and got us an anniversary gift that we […]

Feel like CRAP

Well, I think I caught Tuel’s illness via cyber-space. I woke up at about 3 am with a killer sore throat and today it just got worse. My head is like one solid vat of pus. Nice!!

Shakalaka Baby!!

Aw yea!! Bombay Dreams…by Andrew Lloyd Weber.

A Beautiful Weekend

We had a really fun weekend!! Yesterday we went over to B & C’s and I hooked up their DSL to a wireless/wired network so Cheryl could take advantage of her new laptop w/o the wires. It was really sweet!! She brought the laptop out to the porch and we surfed all evening. We ate […]

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