Well, I’ll start this now at least…I don’t know if I’ll have time to go on and on like I feel I could, but I’m feeling a bit flustered right now. Just like I have ideas from time to time and I don’t really follow through with them. Well, I want to start small I guess…and set some goals for this winter. I have three things in mind, none of which should be too difficult to get done, it’ll just be a matter of putting my mind to it and doing it.

1) I want to write a song. I’ve always wanted to do it…I’m pretty musical…I have a pretty good keyboard with Midi output, so it shouldn’t be that tough. I don’t know what kind of song I want to write…I don’t care what kind of song I write, but I want to write a song, because as Kiki Dee says…”I got the music in me!!”

2) I want to write a story. It doesn’t have to be a novel or anything, but I want to write a short story/novella, or at least get a good head of steam up on it. I’ve always enjoyed writing and there’s no reason I shouldn’t write something fun and funny. I’ve read through the book my dad wrote before he died and it is really cool. I’ve considered editing/revising it and sending it to some publishers, but I think I’ve decided to let it be as he left it for now. I think a techno/comedy would be cool.

3) Finally, I want to get some kind of regular exercise routine in place. I’m not huge…but I’m definately heavier than I want to be…why? because I don’t do anything that would change that. I don’t eat terribly…but I don’t exercise much either. I’ll go on walks with Maryellen and the dog, but they aren’t really strenuous enough to do anything as far as getting fit is concerned. Not sure how to best go about this goal, because I’ve tried so many times prior to this and just haven’t found the motivation to continue what I start. Maryellen thinks I’ll have to have a heart attack before I resolve to do anything long-term. I hope that’s not the case. I’d like to avoid a heart attack.

So there…by making these public, I hope I’ll stick to them. There are probably other things that I SHOULD do too, but these are the things I WANT to do, so that’s where I’ll start. It seems more realistic to me.

Oh yea…I want to really pursue grad school too…so that adds a #4 to the list doesn’t it. I’m sick of coming up with a great idea that I’m excited about and letting it fall by the wayside. I don’t want to do that with grad school.