Well, here’s what happened. We got Clarice and brought her into the house. She was such a cute and sweet dog. Roodi just didn’t accept her though. He would run away when she’d come towards him, he’d give up his bed if she wanted it…he just was being a wus. When we’d leave, Clarice would be just fine but Roodi regressed into destructo-dog, eating the woodwork around the back door and generally just being a shit. It was obvious he didn’t like her, especially being alone with her.

Saturday we were taking them for a walk and Roodi peed blood. Like just blood. It was really scary! We took him to the emergency vet in Toledo and they are 99% sure it’s just a really bad urinary tract infection. Apparently these can be brought on by stress. Poor little guy… We were really scared. I’m not sure some people understand how bit a part of your family dogs can become…but Roodi is as much a part of this family as Maryellen or me. So we wanted him to be able to get better and most importanly to be happy. Ruth, the wonderful woman who placed Clarice with us, agreed and offered to take Clarice back. We met her in Wauseon on Sunday and said goodbye. It was very sad and not easy to do, because under different circumstances, she would have been a great dog for us!! Hopefully she’ll end up with a family where she’ll be able to have fun all the time!

So, that’s the dog story.

On another note, I got my teeth cleaned at the dentist yesterday. As always…no cavities and everything looked fine. ::shrug:: I don’t know why I even have to go, I never have problems with my teeth (knock on wood).