Well, the addition of a second dog to our family has been much more stressful than we had ever imagined. It’s not the new dog causing the stress either, it’s Roodi! He must feel threatened or something. He’s completely regressed and isn’t himself at all with Clarice around. He started chewing things again if we’re not around, in fact, we feel like we CAN’T leave the two of them alone right now, which is really annoying!!

Beyond that…it’s just been a long boring week at work. I wasn’t able to get together with Eddo, Chad and/or Todd for lunch this week…that sucked. I did get together with Pissant…we went to the Mac Cafe and actually looked at Mac’s together. I’ve got to admit…I’m just about sold. I’d love to get one and just mess with it for a while. If only I had $1500 lying around. yea…right. I think they’re cool for a couple of reasons. I think it’s awesome that OS X is based on *nix. In fact, it IS *nix…or a version of BSD. Very slick. It’s fast, looks AWESOME! I played with some of the i apps (iMovie, iTunes, iDVD etc…) and they are just slicker than shit! With the superdrive you can author your own DVD’s with no experience (what I was thinking of doing….) and is there anything much cooler than an iPod?? Alright…enough of my Mac-babble.

Maryellen works tonight…so it’ll just be me and the dogs. Should be interesting. I did pick up the new Get A Life DVD!! Volume 2…which includes the epic episode “Zoo Animals on Wheels!!” Who can forget the haunting refrain of “I’m the Lonely Wildabeast?” It’s a real tear-jerker!

Guess that’s about it for now…is it 5 yet?!?!?!