I’m not trying to be all sentimental nor am I trying to be all patriotic, but I do have several memories from a year ago that are just bouncing around in my mind…

I remember first hearing about a plane flying into the World Trade Center from the call center at CISP. I think I was over there with Ken Reau…or I was looking for him at least.

I remember people thinking it was an accident at first.

I remember hearing the second plane had hit and thinking this is not good.

I remember getting a TV out and putting it into one of the small conference rooms so we could see what was going on…this was all done w/o management approval.

I remember being the first one at CISP who was able to get through to CNN.com and get a media file of the second plane’s impact…and everyone watching it at my cube.

I remember thinking this was too much like Die Hard…this couldn’t be real.

I remember Barry, in that truest of American traditions, trying to reprogram a card so we could steal DirectTV and get more than just ABC, CBS, and NBC on our little TV.

I remember Barry saying “Ragheads” for a long time following the incident…and all his conspiracy theories.

I remember Chad becoming a Conservative Republican for a while following 9/11.

I remember Greene brought in his little tv…portable thing…for over in the call center.

I remember Tom Martin being pissed that we were watching the events of the day on TV…there were probably 10 – 20 people in and around that little conference room in the back watching…just stunned.

I remember Dustin’s dad made these little posters with an eagle, a flag and the WTC on them.

I remember talking to someone at WorldComm or someone talking to someone at WorldComm who said they dealt with people who worked down there every day.

I remember the Internet was swamped…CNN changed their home page to mostly text.

I remember thinking the world would never be the same again.