We had a really fun weekend!! Yesterday we went over to B & C’s and I hooked up their DSL to a wireless/wired network so Cheryl could take advantage of her new laptop w/o the wires. It was really sweet!! She brought the laptop out to the porch and we surfed all evening. We ate out at El Camino Real first…they’ve got margaritas that kick your ASS!! The food was awesome, and there was a Mariachi band too!! WOO HOO!! We’d eaten at the original restaurant in Bowling Green, but it was never very busy, the one in Toledo was PACKED and had a completely different atmosphere. It was cool.

Maryellen and I watched A Beautiful Mind last night and really liked it. It was weird to see schizophrenia presented in that light. We’ve delt with schizophrenia and mental illness for some time now and have never really looked at it as an “alternate reality” but for the person who suffers from the disorder, that’s what it is…it’s their reality. Very strange. This was the first Ron Howard film that didn’t end like an episode of CHiPs too, with the cheezy melodramatic freeze frames of people smiling and hugging. Blech.

Today is a day to just chill. Maryellen works tonight so I’m going to have most of the day to myself. I think I may go check out printers. Our old HP ink jet is dried up and I don’t want to spend $30 on ink for a crappy printer. And since I’ve got the new camera, I think it would be nice to get a printer that will do photo quality output. We’ll see what Best Buy has in store.