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Well, I’ll start this now at least…I don’t know if I’ll have time to go on and on like I feel I could, but I’m feeling a bit flustered right now. Just like I have ideas from time to time and I don’t really follow through with them. Well, I want to start small I […]

That was all it took…

Roodi is all back to normal. Weird little dog. We left him alone and had no back-lash. He just really didn’t like Clarice being here. He’s getting back to normal health wise too. Moss is coming home this weekend!! We’re going out for Thai food Friday night and who knows what else. Yay Moss!! Whoever […]


Well, here’s what happened. We got Clarice and brought her into the house. She was such a cute and sweet dog. Roodi just didn’t accept her though. He would run away when she’d come towards him, he’d give up his bed if she wanted it…he just was being a wus. When we’d leave, Clarice would […]


Well, Clarice went back today…more info to come. Don’t really feel like talking about it right now. It was the right decision though.

What a week!!

Well, the addition of a second dog to our family has been much more stressful than we had ever imagined. It’s not the new dog causing the stress either, it’s Roodi! He must feel threatened or something. He’s completely regressed and isn’t himself at all with Clarice around. He started chewing things again if we’re […]


Well, Sunday I went to Ft. Wayne, In. to pick up the newest member of our family. We adopted a second whippet from a whippet rescue organization. Her name is Clarice and she’s just the cutest little thing. I say little because she’s literally about half the size of Roodi. She’s full grown and 20 […]


I’m really tired of hearing “Why did the towers really fall?” And, “because of the miscommunication of FDNY and the Police Department, lives were lost.” This is all bullshit. The reason the towers fell a year ago, and the reason people died…whether the final tally would have been 3 or 3000 was because some terrorists […]

Another memory…

I remember going across Central Avenue to Radio Shack to buy…are you ready for this…a radio! I got a little transistor type radio that would also get VHF TV audio so that I could listen to radio and TV accounts of the attacks, since Tom didn’t want us watching the TV.

364 days ago…

I’m not trying to be all sentimental nor am I trying to be all patriotic, but I do have several memories from a year ago that are just bouncing around in my mind… I remember first hearing about a plane flying into the World Trade Center from the call center at CISP. I think I […]

Maryellen and I have been

Maryellen and I have been married 8 years as of today. Yay for us!! She must be insane…

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