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An old G-Rant

Back when I worked for CISP, I would occasionally write a column called G-Rants for our company newsletter. Here’s one of them with more to come: I’m afraid I may sound like that Andy Rooney guy on 60 Minutes, but I’ve got a beef and I want to get it out in the open. Wyatt […]


I actually slept like a log last night!! I did wake up a couple times, but unlike the previous nights, I fell right back to sleep last night. Today is FRIDAY!! YAY!! This has been a long, slow week. We don’t have any plans for this weekend either. Should be able to recharge my batteries. […]

Berkeley Breathed

Just found some great memories in these two websites: and I LOVED Bloom County so much in the 80’s. I have all the books, have the MP3’s of the Billy and the Boinger’s songs and really miss that kind of humor. In fact, I miss comic strips that you could actually read. Dilbert […]

It’s too early

I was up and ready for work before I normally would get out of bed today. I did sleep better and more though. For some reason I sleep much better when Maryellen is home. Probably subconscious worry when she’s not around or something. Grandma has surgery tomorrow. I know mom is a little freaked about […]

La de da…

Pretty boring day at work. Mike was out all day, up in Detroit so there wasn’t much in the way of conversation which makes a typically boring day almost unbearable. Mike’ll be gone for at least the first part of tomorrow as well. Oh well. I’m going down to Schmidt’s tonight to see why their […]

Oh…I almost forgot

I made the best dinner tonight. Took an onion and a tomato out of the garden, got 3 pita bread circle things, put them on a pizza plate, put some of my home-made pizza sauce on them, a slice of tomato, a slice of onion, some cheese and then topped them off with some fresh […]

Who needs sleep??

I sure don’t. I’ve had bad nights the past few in a row…just haven’t been able to relax and get sleep. Oh well, maybe tonight! I’ve added the little mood indicator, having been inspired by Tuel. Kind of cute and fun…my problem will be that I won’t remember to update it and I’ll remain “Itchy” […]


Man am I tired. I didn’t sleep well last night and today seemed LONG…so now I think I’m going to turn in at the ripe old hour of 10PM. Not sure what’s going on outside, sounds like there have been gunshots for the past 5 minutes or so, but then again, it IS Elmore. Might […]

Monday, Monday…..da…da…da.da.da.da…..

Man, Monday morning’s suck. I’m at work, bored already. I drank a bunch before bed last night. NOT a good idea. Plus I had an apple which was probably 95% water and some yogurt which is liquidy. Needless to say, I had to get up a couple of times in the middle of the night […]

It was fun

Having the ladies over last night was fun. We made pizzas. I made the dough and even made home-made sauce!! Then Dorie and Sue brought over toppings and we made two pizzas, Dorie and Sue made one and Mellen and I made the other. Beer was drunk. Sue ended up leaving early because of some […]

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