I want to go back to school! Several people I know are doing it. Tuel is going back to get her degree, Naj is, Cheryl is in law school…I miss academia. I’m taking a practice run of the GRE at BGSU on 9/7…just to get a feel for where I stand with that test. From there I’ll try to plan out my approach to grad school.

I’ve been getting lots of advice regarding how to go about trying to get a position in the school district…it’s the first job that really just sounds right to me.

Mellen had an MRI yesterday. Not sure what it said yet, but she’ll most likely look it up in the computers tonight when she works. Fingers are crossed.

Guess I’d better get ready for work. This week has been pretty fun actually. I like my job a lot when I’m busy, and with Mike in Philadelphia, I’ve been busy!! Yesterday I got AT&T Cable in Pennsylvania on the phone and explained to them a problem I’d seen before with one of our clients. They kept claiming the problem wasn’t theirs so I got involved and had them look at whay I thought the issue was. The three day long issue was resolved in under 10 minutes. YAY!