Not a whole lot of news. I had an OK weekend. We’re putting together the details for buying the materials for fencing in our back yard. Should be a good project. I think we’re going to go in with George (a co-worker of Maryellen’s) and get a power auger for a day. Use it at our house for half the day and at George’s for the other half.

We had a fun Friday night with George and Beth and Mark and Tonya. Beer, food and conversation. All good!

I bought a digital camera yesterday!! FujiFinepix 2800 Zoom. It takes AWESOME pictures!! I’ll be putting some up on the site sometime soon. Taking pictures of all my peppers!!

I’m going to bed early tonight. Stayed up till about 2:30 this morning. My old bones just can’t do that anymore. 🙁 I’m reading a good book so I’ll just read myself to sleep tonight.