Well, the coolest thing happened today. I got two DVD’s in the mail from my Amazon.com wishlist!! Members of my BGSU sports website, Ay-Ziggy-Zoomba.com had been asking if they could send money to help with the site. I told them they could get me something off my wish list or send a donation to the V Foundation for Cancer Research, or the National MS Society. Well, a couple of people have made donations and I got UHF and North by Northwest from my wish list!!

Work was actually pretty good today. I spent 5 hours trying to get this Exchange server in NY working for one of our clients. I ended up getting SMTP working and inter-office mail through exchange, but can’t get the pop3 connector to work. In fact, I can’t even get it installed. Oh well…they’ve got SBS2000 installed, but only have the disks for SBS 5.5.

Toledo politics is at least interesting lately.