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Are you ready for some football??

I’m kinda excited about the first BGSU football game tonight. Not so much because it’s a football game, I’m not that big a football fan really, but because I’ll get to meet some of the people from! We’re tailgating pregame. Should be fun. I’ve got my new digital camera so maybe I’ll get some […]


I want to go back to school! Several people I know are doing it. Tuel is going back to get her degree, Naj is, Cheryl is in law school…I miss academia. I’m taking a practice run of the GRE at BGSU on 9/7…just to get a feel for where I stand with that test. From […]

Why the spark!!

Click here to understand why those WintOGreen Lifesavers spark when you crunch them!!

Going to bed early…

Not a whole lot of news. I had an OK weekend. We’re putting together the details for buying the materials for fencing in our back yard. Should be a good project. I think we’re going to go in with George (a co-worker of Maryellen’s) and get a power auger for a day. Use it at […]

A confession….

I’m addicted to Wint-O-Green Life Savers!!!

North by Northwest

We watched North by Northwest last night. Really good movie. Cary Grant and Bowling Green’s own Eva Marie Saint. Movie is listed as one of the 100 best of all time. I’d have to agree. There were a few “Hokey” 1959 type moments (like the kissing scenes), but other than that, it was great! It’s […]

Like Mountain Dew???

Go and read this: Brominated vegetable oil is bad.


Man oh man…it’s Wednesday. Thank GOD. The first 2 days of this week went really fast and pretty well, today, however, has been like getting my blood sucked out by leeches…slowly losing feeling in my extremeties. Anyway…I’m anxious to hear from my P-burg job opportunity to see how that goes. I’m not holding out a […]

Really cool!!

Well, the coolest thing happened today. I got two DVD’s in the mail from my wishlist!! Members of my BGSU sports website, had been asking if they could send money to help with the site. I told them they could get me something off my wish list or send a donation to the […]

Pretty good weekend.

The weekend was pretty good. My Grandma had surgery to repair her Zenkers Diverticuli on Friday and she came through that with flying colors!! Unfortunately, we learned yesterday that the surgery may not have been as successful as they had originally led us to believe 🙁 They actually want Grandma to undergo another surgery. She’ll […]

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