Starting over…

Well, I’ve had as my personal blog for going on 9 years now… it was getting stale and had started boring me.  SO, I thought I’d start over and chronicle my 2010 gardening season.  Will there be personal posts and updates here as well?  Probably… but I’m going to try and focus on the garden – from planning, to seed starting, planting out, pest control, fertilizing, harvest, and, of course… EATING, seed saving and preserving the harvest.

I’ve also been inundated with requests for my bhut jolokia peppers because of my YouTube videos from past years.  I hope to have a method in place by late summer for visitors to purchase fresh bhut jolokia (and other varieties) as well as seeds.

So, thanks for stopping by!  The site will be evolving steadily… so check back as you can!

4 replies on “Starting over…”

  1. saw your youtube video. it was great! have been wanting to start my own garden and could use any pointers. would love to get my hands on a bhut jolokia or a scottish bonnet so i can begin tom grow them. any help is greatly appreciated. keep up the good work. always hot in texas!!!

  2. Hey Michael,

    Glad you liked the videos. Fun! As far as growing in Texas. My cousin lives in Austin and he’s had some beautiful gardens using a method called raised beds. It allows you to control things a little better as far as the quality of your soil and the watering. Give it a Google search for a little more info.

    As for finding some plants to grow… you might have better luck finding the REALLY hot ones in Texas than I do here in Ohio, but if you don’t… check out my friends at Janie and her crew at Cross Country Nurseries are great and they’ll ship live plants to you. There is a minimum order size, but if you want a great garden start, you can get some tomatoes and peppers from them and get growing!

  3. Hi cousin!
    I love your fresh new site. Maybe I’ll try to plant a pepper in a clay pot on my windowsill. It’s a start! I sure did not get blessed with Grandmas green thumb. Could be scary! I’ll keep you posted.

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