So, what are you growing this year??

Here’s the list of peppers I’ll be growing this season. These are all seeds I’ve either saved or swapped for….

My seeds are just about ready to be started.  In the past, I’ve always started seeds on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14).  This year, I decided to hold off a couple of weeks though, because I’ve had troubles in the past with spindly seedlings that end up just flopping over on their side because I can’t get them enough light.

Here’s the list of peppers I’ll be growing this season.  These are all seeds I’ve either saved or swapped for….

From Hungary in and a seed swap with Zoltan Aladics:

  • Bogyiszloi
  • Bocskor
  • PCR

From a seed swap with “The Chile Woman” from Indiana:

  • Aji Chombo (from Panama)
  • Demre (from Turkmenistan)

Seeds I saved from last season’s pepper patch:

  • Red rocoto
  • Yellow rocoto
  • Bhut Jolokia
  • Naga Morich

I’ll detail each of these varieties a little more thoroughly in the weeks to come, but for now, that’s how things stand in the pepper patch.  I’m always on the lookout for interesting varieties in my local garden shops, and my friends at the Schedel Arboretum and Gardens usually drop a variety or two in my direction… so there may be additions to this list.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

So, what are YOU planning on growing in your pepper patch this season?!  Leave a comment!

Starting over…

Well, I’ve had as my personal blog for going on 9 years now… it was getting stale and had started boring me.  SO, I thought I’d start over and chronicle my 2010 gardening season.  Will there be personal posts and updates here as well?  Probably… but I’m going to try and focus on the garden – from planning, to seed starting, planting out, pest control, fertilizing, harvest, and, of course… EATING, seed saving and preserving the harvest.

I’ve also been inundated with requests for my bhut jolokia peppers because of my YouTube videos from past years.  I hope to have a method in place by late summer for visitors to purchase fresh bhut jolokia (and other varieties) as well as seeds.

So, thanks for stopping by!  The site will be evolving steadily… so check back as you can!