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Many people ask me, “Grant, what do you DO with all those peppers you grow?” Well, the easy answer is, “I eat them!!” I eat peppers fresh, I dry them, and I freeze them… but mostly, I cook with them!

There are some great resources out there if you want to cook with peppers, but one of my favorites is “Titli’s Busy Kitchen!” Titli Nihan is the host of a series of YouTube videos that I first stumbled upon a couple years back while looking for a Chicken Vindaloo recipe. She claims it to be the best Chicken Vindaloo recipe in the world, and I can’t argue!

What I like most about Ms. Nihan is her sense of humor. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, she makes wonderful foods, and she makes things I would love to eat! So check her out!! http://titlisbusykitchen.com/ and follow her YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/TitliNihaan

Some pepper germination photos – Weekly Update 2

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Well, I’ve had just about 100% germination to this point. Can’t ask for any better than that! I’m really excited for the 2010 garden!

I’ve decided to take some birthday money and buy a little tiller this year. I’ve always prepped and cultivated the garden by hand in the past… and I still will this season, but I plan on doubling the size of the patch this year, and that initial work of getting the soil ready will be a lot easier with a little power assistance!

I got my grow light set up tonight and not a day too soon either. The emerging seedlings are showing their cotyledons (first false leaves) and they’re already leaning towards the window and getting spindly. Giving them the right amount and right spectrum of light will keep them stronger, healthier and “stockier.” This will lead to stronger plants when it’s time to put them out in the “real world” and should also shorten the time to the first fruit production as they’ll be better equipped to handle the transition from indoors to outdoors.

Here’s a bunch of photos from tonight!

Debunking some pepper bunk

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Wow… I get hundreds of comments and emails from my YouTube videos. Some of them are great, others, not so much. I thought I’d single out a few lines from one recent email who was trying to teach me a few things and try to address the common misconceptions that are quite wrong. (the anonymous email will be in italics with my responses to follow)

…a few facts:
1- the heat comes from the seeds, not the skin of the pepper.

This is just NOT true. There is definitely heat “on” the seeds, but it’s not where the heat “comes from.” The heat you taste when you eat a pepper is actually your body’s reaction to the compound capsaicin. Capsaicin is produced in the connective tissue between the seeds and the wall of the pepper, sometimes called the ribs or the placental tissue. If you’ve ever sliced open a hot pepper, you can actually SEE it… it shows up as a golden liquid on those white, fleshy ribs. This capsaicin is found in other parts of the pepper pod too, but it’s only produced in that connective tissue. Seeds have a high concentration of capsaicin because they’re directly connected to that tissue, but it’s NOT where the heat comes from.

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Seed Germination!!

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Well, as of tonight, I can say I’ve got near 100% germination of the seeds I started! Fantastic! I’m so excited because often times these more exotic varieties are difficult and slow to start.

Not much more to add than that tonight, but I’m really looking forward to this growing season. 56 degrees and sunny today in NW Ohio REALLY got my gardening juices flowing!