Swapping seeds around the world!

One of the great things about having one of my videos go “viral” on YouTube is the fact that it’s put me in contact with literally hundreds of pepper lovers from all around the planet!  I’ve gotten emails from dozens of different countries, almost all 50 states, and from people I’ve never met who live only a mile away from me!

One of the exciting things that has come from this interaction this season is a seed swap between myself and a man named Zoltán Aladics from Hungary!  Zoltán contacted me after seeing one of my videos and we have become kind of virtual pen-pals!  We’ve swapped seeds and he’s already germinated those that I’ve sent him!

I sent Zoltán seeds from the bhut jolokia, naga morich, and red and yellow rocoto peppers that I grew last season, and in return he sent me peppers from his family’s growing operation… bogyiszloi, bocskor, and PCR varieties from Hungary!  I’m so excited to grow them, and even more-so because we’re going to be keeping each other updated as to how things are growing in our gardens.

I got an email from Zoltán yesterday with some photos of the seedlings… I’ll share them here and will continue to keep everyone up-to-date as the season progresses.